The Deluge Of Doom: If Legislation Isn’t Reported, Does It Exist?

It seems fairly obvious to me that one of President Barack Obama’s strategies for getting elected and now, presiding, is to overwhelm people with the sheer volume and scope of policy “change.” With huge, monumental pieces of legislation passing at a steady clip, people have little time to understand and digest the content, and to absorb and understand it. And that’s just the legislators.

The deluge is by design: if any of this stuff saw the light of day, people wouldn’t want it. They key, then, is to have it not see the light of day.

To reach this goal, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi keep a steady stream of informatioIn flowing. Meanwhile, the press doesn’t pay attention or worse, purposefully doesn’t report inconvenient or potentially disliked legislation.

One such addendum involves checking IDs to make sure employees are American citizens. Today, the law requiring this could go away, unnoticed in the stream of everything. What else is whizzing past us that we don’t know about?

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