My Speech From The Myrtle Beach Tea Party

Here’s my speech from the Myrtle Beach Tea Party on July 11th. Unfortunately, the person doing the video taping was a little new to the whole process and the video, along with the audio, has a few glitches because of that. Still, you can watch the speech here:

If you don’t want to watch the speech, you can read it, although the delivered speech doesn’t exactly match up to the text,

It’s an honor to be here speaking in front of so many patriotic Americans who are out here on a Saturday night because they’re concerned about their country. And let me tell you, you have reason to be concerned. These Tea Parties started, not just here in Myrtle Beach, but across our country, because people are worried that their children are not going to have the same kind of opportunities that they did growing up.

We have two choices, my friends: to preserve everything that’s good about this country as past generations of Americans have always done for us or to throw it all away as they’re doing right now in Washington, DC.

Now I could give you plenty of examples of the sort of destructive things they’re doing today. Spending hundreds of billions we don’t have on a stimulus that doesn’t work, taking over banks and car companies, trying to ruin health care in this country with a government takeover, but I want to talk about one particular bill, one that shows you how bad it has really gotten in DC.

The Cap and Trade Bill that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama pushed through the House, represents the largest tax increase in American history. Not only will it raise taxes if it passes the Senate, it will spike your energy costs. How much? Nobody knows for sure, but the estimates range from a few hundred dollars up to $3600 per American family. Can you really afford to throw away $3600 on yet another wasteful government program?

So, what do we get for that money? Absolutely nothing. If, like me, you believe that there is absolutely no manmade global warming happening, the bill is a complete waste of time. On the other hand, if you do believe that global warming is happening and mankind is causing it, you still get nothing, because they had to water the bill down so much to get it passed, that even Greenpeace didn’t support it because they said it wouldn’t work.

You may wonder: how did our Congress end up signing on to the largest tax increase in American history to fund a bill that doesn’t accomplish anything? Simple: Not one soul, not a single, solitary soul read that entire bill before it was passed. Not a congressman, not a congressional aide, nobody. The entire bill was over 1200 pages of legalese and the full bill wasn’t available until 14 hours before they voted on it.

That’s what’s happening in DC today, folks. We have people in power making huge, sweeping changes, that will affect your life and the lives of your children for decades to come and they’re not even bothering to read the deals with the devil that they’re signing our country onto.

That’s the status quo, folks, and there’s one alternative to it: that’s for you to get involved. By you, I don’t mean the person standing to your right. By you, I don’t mean somebody sitting at home tonight. By you, I don’t mean someone paid off by a rich guy somewhere. By you, I mean YOU.

Now, you may say, “John, what can I do? I’m not a talk radio host with 15 million listeners. I’m not a Senator, I’m not a syndicated columnist, I’m not a rich guy. What can I do?”

Folks, one thing I have learned in life is that over the long haul, a passionate person who’s willing to show up and work hard is worth 5000 people with the exactly the same opinion, who are just lukewarm on the subject.

That’s because from tiny acorns, mighty oaks eventually grow. Start small. If you like a website, a column, a talk radio host — tell your friends about it. Click on their ads. Do what you can to support them and help them build an audience.

If you have a group, like the Minutemen, like the Fairtax people, like the Club for Growth, the Heritage Foundation, the Sam Adams Alliance, the NRA — support them. They’re fighting for you, they’re fighting for our rights — help them do that.

If you find a politician who’ll stand up for the right thing — and there are a few of those up there, like one of our Senators here in South Carolina, who shall remain nameless, but is not named Lindsay Graham, put their sign in your yard, volunteer to lick envelopes, talk them up to your friends, make phone calls for them at election time. Today, thanks to the technology we have, you can help any campaign in the country make get out the vote phone calls at the last minute. So, there’s no excuse. If you don’t like your local politician, you can help someone on the other side of the country who shares our values.

That’s for the politicians you agree with. When you don’t agree, pick up the phone and call your representative and let them know about it. You may think it doesn’t matter, but most of these people in Congress don’t care about anything except keeping their jobs. That means they pay attention to exactly three things: polls, donors, and their constituents. You won’t win every battle, but you will make more of a difference than you think.

I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy, but I will tell you this: Americans have never had it easy.

Our ancestors were pioneers who colonized this country one wagon train at a time — and my friends, there wasn’t any health care or Tivo on the Oregon Trail.

Our Founding Fathers fought a war against the super power of their day, not overseas in Britain, but here, amongst their homes and families just so we could have the freedom that we enjoy today.

We had an industrial revolution, a civil war, a depression, and we saved the world from tyranny in WW1, WW2, and the Cold War. Every step along the way, folks, there were people saying that Americans had grown too soft, too decadent, too weak to prevail, but every time, when the going got tough, Americans got going and proved them wrong.

We’re going to do it this time, too and it’s going to start with Tea Parties, like this one, all across the country. Never give up on your freedom, never give up on your rights, never give up on your country.

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