Operation Save Teh Kittehs Part 5: Halp!

As all regular readers of Right Wing News are aware, I’ve saved 4 formerly feral kittens that once lived under my house and am now trying to find them homes.


That has turned out to be considerably more difficult than I anticipated.

I have had some interest across country, but shipping cats cross country is prohibitively pricey.

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Originally, I figured I’d be able to find someone to take the kittens locally and if that didn’t work-out, well, no problem — I’d just get them to a no-kill shelter in the area.

Here’s the hitch with that plan: What I did not anticipate was so many other cats having kittens at the same time. You go on Craigslist in my area and there are roughly 1-2 people per day trying to give away kittens. The local shelters I’ve called? They’re all full and they’re so swamped, that it’s difficult to even get in touch with them. Most of them just constantly have a message up saying, “We don’t have any more room, don’t even leave us a message about taking any kittens.”

Late last week, I even called several local shelters and left messages saying that I would give away free advertising to try to get them to take these kittens and I didn’t get a single reply.

So, let me offer the same deal to any shelter in North or South Carolina — the closer the better, of course — that I offered to these local shelters: if you can take these kittens off my hands, I will give you a free ad on Right Wing News, Right Wing Video, and Conservative Grapevine from now until the end of the year. That gets your ad in front of roughly 24k unique visitors per day, from M-F. Roughly 70% of those people make more than 60k a year and it normally costs $170 to get a week long ad on all three of these websites — which is a hell of a bargain, as is.

So, if you take in cats already, why not take in these cats, too, get the free advertising, use to fund raise and turn this into a win/win situation? I get these kittens off my hands before they turn into cats and you get to hit my readers up for donations. If necessary, I can even help you create a basic ad.

My only requirement for a shelter is that it be no-kill (although again, the closer, the better). Of course, if you are an individual who’s interested in a cat, my ears are open, too.

With that being said, if you have any suggestions for how I can get rid of these kitties (that don’t involve sacks and a lake), if you want to adopt one, or if you know someone at a shelter who can help, now is the time to speak up.

I made a commitment to “save teh kittehs” and one way or the other, I will eventually get the job done.

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