10 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* We live in a perverse society when the most obnoxious people and biggest bullies are usually treated as if they’re victims.

* The American people have a natural and sensible aversion to radical change. Big changes, coming fast, scare them.

* DC Gov’t in 3 steps: 1) Pass a bill now! No time to think! 2) Passed it! 3) It may seem that it failed, but it’d be worse had we not acted!

* You hear about families tightening their belt because of the recession. States, too. But, never, ever the federal gov’t.

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* Any “Republican” in Congress who backs Obama’s socialized medicine scheme should resign.

* There was never a NAU in the works, we did walk on the moon, Bush wasn’t behind 9/11, and the Jews don’t run the world.

* Rule of thumb: Never send out an email to anyone other than a relative or close friend u wouldn’t want the world to read.

* I am eternally bemused when stunningly beautiful women tell me about how tough they have it because they’re so attractive.

* There is no such thing as a “right” that other people have to pay for.

* If Zelaya were to die in an “accident,” the crisis in Honduras would be over and democracy would be saved. Just saying.

* The nuclear efforts of Iran are the equivalent of Hitler remilitarizing the Rhineland. Have we learned anything since then?

* Bonus: Media Matters is giving me a POSITIVE mention? Wacky! http://mediamatters.org/research/200907220051

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