Queen Nancy Calls Climate Change A Moral Issue After Trip To China

Does Pelosi have a huge set or is she just lost in a fog of delusional left wing feelings? She has penned a little missive in the San Francisco Chronicle: Climate change game-changer for China relations

Climate change is an economic issue, a national security issue, an environmental health issue and a moral issue. It is also an opportunity for the United States and China to make progress together on behalf of both of our citizens and, indeed, the entire world.

Funny, she wasn’t worrying about the moral implications of China’s human rights violations during her trip, despite previously being a big condemner. She also doesn’t seem too concerned with the morality of abortion, of which China has the most in the world, and is routinely accused of forcing women to have them.

I recently had the opportunity to lead a bipartisan delegation to China with members from the House Select Committee on Global Warming and Energy Independence.

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How much CO2 did that introduce to the atmosphere, Nance?

Our delegation went to learn more about the environmental challenges facing China and the policies being pursued by the Chinese government to protect the environment. We went to engage with Chinese officials at all levels, to engage with American and Chinese business communities, and with Chinese citizens, students and nonprofit organizations.

Actually, it looked like you were escaping from the heat of your calling the CIA liars by taking a last minute trip in which your peeps didn’t know exactly who you would be meeting with.

Congress is building upon progress we have already made to reduce our global warming footprint. We passed new energy efficiency standards for buildings and appliances, and enacted the first increase in vehicle fuel efficiency in more than 30 years. We directed an unprecedented investment in clean energy projects as part of our recovery package. Last month, President Obama announced an aggressive timetable for achieving the historic fuel efficiency increases that Congress passed in 2007. And for the first time, we will regulate global warming pollution from vehicles. The United States has taken significant steps, but we must do more. Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, and the ambitious Waxman-Markey climate legislation, we are striving to meet that challenge.

I’d tell you to hang on to your wallets, but, you won’t have a choice as your costs skyrocket.

The human rights situation in China and Tibet has been a priority for me throughout my career, and I brought it up in each of our high-level meetings and in my speeches. I am proud that as we recognized the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre last week, that the House passed legislation calling for “full and independent investigations” into those tragic events. Congress will continue to speak for freedom of speech and assembly in China and Tibet.

Funny that I cannot find ANY stories that back up your assertion that you brought up human rights while in China. Did you bring up that China blocked access to Twitter, Flickr, email, and many other websites prior to the Tiananmen anniversary? Will you stand up for freedom of speech here in the USA, as the Democrat Congress looks to shut down Conservative radio? Keep that quote from her handy, folks.

I believe that two priorities of my service in Congress – protecting the environment and promoting human rights – are coming together in addressing the challenge of the global climate crisis.

I wonder if Queen Nancy realizes that China will be immune from implementing any CO2 reduction protocols? Of course, in Liberal World, it is about intentions, not results.

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