Mysterious Sign Pops Up Next to Mosque, Now They’re Everywhere… No One Knows Who’s Responsible

Mysterious Sign Pops Up Next to Mosque, Now They’re Everywhere… No One Knows Who’s Responsible

Each and every year, the cultural distinctions between right and left are highlighted during Christmastime. The left abhors Christianity and the right seeks to maintain cultural standards. In recent years, signs have popped-up in a Pacific Northwest town and it’s irking those who favor militant secularism. Those who are religiously tolerant, however, are delighted.


For the fourth December in a row, mysterious yard signs have been popping up in and around the small town of Redmond, Washington, according to KOMO-TV.

The small green signs are emblazoned on one side with the phrase “It’s OK to say, Merry Christmas,” along with a Bible verse, while the opposite side of the sign displays a nativity scene underneath a star in the shape of a cross.

There is no indication as to an individual or organization responsible for placing the signs.

The verse on the sign is Romans 1:16, which reads, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”

The signs have appeared in front of a school, a post office, Seattle city hall, and a mosque. As the signs are all located on city easements or public property, they are considered protected free speech and have not been removed by the towns.

Of course there has been some controversy nevertheless, with some suggesting the signs are meant to be somehow “offensive” or “intimidating” to Muslims.

However, the leader of the local mosque doesn’t see it that way and took no issue with the signs.

“When I look at it, personally, as well as what is written on the sign, it shouldn’t bother Muslims at all,” said Mahmood Khadeer, president and co-founder of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound.

“If they would have some offensive comments on it, something like that, then I should be worried about it,” he said. “The way I look at the sign, it’s OK to say Merry Christmas, and I think it is OK to say Merry Christmas.”

This would appear to be an attempt to push back against political correctness and the liberal “war on Christmas” that would have us avoid saying “Merry Christmas” out of fear of offending somebody.

And we think it’s OK to say “Merry Christmas,” too.

It’s actually quite simple: one need not be a Christian to accept friendly salutations. If a Jew were to wish me a happy Hanukkah, I would thank him for his salutation despite the fact that I am not Jewish.

Are liberals such unhappy people that they cannot accept well wishes?

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