‘Naked Hillary’ Statue Shows Up In New York City…Supporters Are PISSED! – VIDEO

‘Naked Hillary’ Statue Shows Up In New York City…Supporters Are PISSED! – VIDEO

Don’t look now, but a naked statue of Hillary Clinton materialized on the streets of New York City Tuesday morning, much like the one of Trump that appeared in different spots around the country, sparking a fight between the artist and a woman who deemed it ‘obscene’.


The sculptor is named Anthony Scioli and his artwork depicted Clinton with hooves stomping on deleted emails with what appears to be a Wall Street banker wrapping his arms around her quite naked body.

Witnesses said the Hillary statue appeared early in the a.m. hours and it didn’t take long for a what some would guess is a Clinton supporter, or maybe just a self-righteous crusader, to come toppling it over. The woman who did it is an employee at a neighboring museum named Nancy.

With what I thought was a really creative way to explain Clinton, there were deleted emails scattered around her feet, which played into the harshest criticisms surrounding Clinton’s campaign, including charges that she is a lap dog to Wall Street banks because she delivered outrageously paid speeches to banks such as Goldman Sachs.

Well it turns out that Nancy, the museum employee referred to earlier, really didn’t like the statue and yelled out, ‘This is obscene!’

She then wrestled it away from Scioli, whilst toppling it over and proceeding to sit her quite heavy rear on the statue to prevent it from being erected again. Now, is this the reaction of a normal everyday person with no skin in the game? No way. Her ‘higher than thou’ disgusting support of Clinton lightly veiled in the cover of a moral warrior is grotesque…at least that’w what I took from her reaction.


A huge commotion began with the gathering crowd, with one woman yelling at Nancy to stop damaging property that is obviously not hers to damage (radical liberal socialist mindset) and more folks screaming to leave the statue alone.

Nancy was on the brink of radical tears when she told reporters: ‘To put something up like this in front of my work place…I shouldn’t have to see this.’

Why, Nancy? Because you have special treatment? Because you have a RIGHT not to be offended or disgusted? You and your ilk are exactly the kind of humans that are sickening me to no end.

Within three hours, the statue was ordered by the police to be taken down, but only because Scioli did not have the proper permits to erect it, not because it disgusted a seriously disturbed control freak.

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