Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan: Ebola and AIDS Were Manufactured to KILL BLACKS

Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan: Ebola and AIDS Were Manufactured to KILL BLACKS

Isn’t that interesting? Apparently, there is a sort of ‘bio-warfare’ that will ‘target specific genotypes’- and comes to an extremely radical conclusion. By the way – it’s coming from Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.
From Breitbart:

Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam

Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation if Islam, is warning his acolytes that Ebola and AIDS were created by the US government to “depopulate” the world’s black population.

In a new missive, Farrakhan wrote that Henry Kissinger created a plan in 1974 to kill black people and now Ebola and AIDS are weapons being used to fulfill that policy.

Farrakhan told followers that Kissinger said in 1974: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.”

Farrakhan went on to claim that “bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS” are “targeting weapons” that have been loosed by the “forces of Satan” to kill blacks both in the USA and abroad.

Now, the 1974 study that Farrakhan cites was titled “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for the United States Security and Overseas Interest.” However, this study was not “written” by Henry Kissinger. He was merely the man overseeing the effort to study world population growth that Nixon assigned to the Secretaries of Defense and Agriculture, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Deputy Secretary of State, and the Administrator of the Agency for International Development.

The study was controversial because it suggested that the US should adopt a policy of urging abortion and family planning on Third World nations to help keep in check unstable revolutions abroad. It was a policy briefly implemented by President Ford in his foreign policy but was ended in 1980 when Ronald Reagan became President. Reagan halted the policy, working with the Catholic Church to end US support of abortion abroad.

While “The Kissinger Report” was controversial, one must remember that in the 1970s, a trendy line of thinking warned that the world was about to become dangerously overpopulated. Many western governments were frightened and tried to find solutions to the problem. In 1968, environmentalist Paul Ehrlich had only just published his highly influential–and now thoroughly debunked–blockbuster book The Population Bomb, a book that warned of the deaths of billions by starvation due to overpopulation.

This Third World abortion policy plan was declassified in 1989 and is now available for anyone to read online, so it is hardly a secret.

In his very next paragraph, Farrakhan quickly segues to a discussion of another policy paper, this one by the Neocon group The Project for a New American Century. This white paper, titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century,” explains that warfare in the future might include bio warfare. In fact, it warns that there may be bio weapons in the future “that can ‘target’ specific genotypes”–in other words, designer weapons that will kill only particular types of people.

The PNAC report additionally noted that warfare in the future might also be waged in cyber-space and maybe even in outer space. So, the PNAC paper is an exploration of things that might be and how we might defend ourselves against these changes in warfare, not one suggesting that bio warfare is a good idea nor one suggesting that we create weapons that can kill specific types of people.

Regardless, Farrakhan takes this policy white paper from the PNAC–which has no force of law or policy in the US government–and links it with a defunct abortion policy idea from over three decades ago and voila: Ebola was manufactured to kill blacks.

So, a 30 year old policy, plus a speculative policy, are linked together to the conclusion that AIDS and Ebola were MANUFACTURED to kill blacks? Yea, I don’t think so. The 70’s were a different time. There have been many changes in worldviews towards the 3rd world (and just about everything else!)and depopulation was simply something that was trending in the 1970’s. Furthermore, it was a policy to help introduce family planning/abortions as options to those in 3rd world countries who don’t normally have access to such things. OOOOH so devious!! That doesn’t mean a vast conspiracy theory to destroy blacks with Ebola and AIDS. *eyeroll* This guy seriously needs some better sourcing for his info…

Third World Abortion Policy Plan – Declassified in 1989.


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