National Jewish Democrats: Who Do They Speak For ?

Shame on the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) for taking a holier than thou approach — refusing to listen to reason, refusing to apologize even after the highest profile Jewish democrat lawyer in the country urges them to — and continuing to slander the biggest Jewish donor to charity in the world.:  The NJDC has said that self made billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson “approved of and profited from prostitution” — and they continue to maintain it is acceptable to accuse him of such things without any proof.

Using the liberal bully-pulpit of the media to slander Adelson, they have refused to apologize, and left with no other choice Adelson had no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against them for $60 million.:  Owning a: PR firm, I know well that: public relationsadvisors will counsel him he needs to fight these false claims or they will stick with him for many years to come — even after this ugly presidential race is completed.:  Adelson has to stop the media from branding him as a “pimp” who benefits from prostitution — and his only option is to stand up to these bullies slandering him.

One wonders, is the NJDC acting in the name of Jews or Democrats?: Seemingly, neither.: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC): has already apologized for the same allegation, and said they made “…unsubstantiated allegations that attacked Sheldon Adelson…”, and added “This was wrong. The statements were untrue and unfair, and we retract them.” : One can be sure the DCCC didn’t want to apologize — but they studied the facts and rightfully told the truth and apologized.

So, are the “Jewish Democrats” attacking: Adelson in the name of Jews?: In an era in which assimilation and intermarriage are rampant, a “Jewish” organization is making unsubstantiated claims against a man who has: given $100 Million to Birthright Israel, which has brought 250,000 young American Jews to visit Israel, and is the largest private donor ever to: Yad: Vashem.:  These claims have nothing to do with anything “Jewish” — and: all the: Jewish world should: say to Sheldon Adelson, whose foundation gives more than two hundred million dollars annually to Jewish causes is “Thank You.”

Alan Dershowitz — someone who knows the law — and says the NJDC acted inappropriately, and he reviewed the documents the NJDC based their claims upon. Dershowitz says they attacked Adelson: “even though no evidence has been submitted to support it and no finding has been made by any court. He added…”it’s outrageous for the National Jewish Democratic Council to level unfounded allegations against Adelson. They do not speak for me, and for the many other Jews who admire Adelson’s contributions to the world, to America, to Israel and to the Jewish community. The attack comes with particular ill grace from a Jewish organization, considering all that Adelson has done for Jewish causes, and considering the fact that there is nothing uniquely “Jewish” about the questionable allegations against him.”..: “They are willfully: spreading : ‘lashon: hora’ that they know to be false..”

As a business person, is there anyone in their right mind who thinks a billionaire CEO of a publicly traded company would tolerate prostitution? He owns a huge entity — would he even know of such things? As: Dershowitz said “…you can’t be saying this kind of thing about Sheldon Adelson … and after they knew it was false they persisted in it.”

If Adelson were to permit the bullies at the NJDC to malign him unfairly then other reporters would slander him with these falsehoods for many years to come.:  Suing them is his only path to stating his opposition to these false claims — and he’s taking the only path he can to protect his good name.

Whether one supports Obama or Romney, it’s clear that the Jewish community should universally say this is unacceptable.

Then again, maybe my whole promise is wrong — maybe we should all hope the NJDC keeps going.:  Then Adelson will increase his lawsuit, and when: Adelson wins the: $60 Million he will donate it to great Jewish causes like he does with millions annually already — and then the Jewish community can again say: Thank you Sheldon Adelson: for caring so much about Israel and the Jewish people.

NY based,: Ronn Torossian: is Founder of: 5WPR, a: Public Relations agency.

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