Native Alaskan Wants To Ask Barack Obama 1 Simple Question… It’s Going Viral

Native Alaskan Wants To Ask Barack Obama 1 Simple Question… It’s Going Viral

On Sunday, President Barack Obama officially renamed Mount McKinley in Alaska to Denali, after years of protests by indigenous tribes who wanted its name changed. Not everyone is thrilled with the change, however – and they are speaking out:


However, not all Alaskans are happy with the change. Bristol Palin questioned Obama’s decision in a passionate blog post at Patheos.

Palin criticized Obama for the superfluous name change, arguing that it does not make up for all of the ways in which the president has disappointed the people of Alaska.

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“Renaming a mountain is not going to make up for all the other ways he (Obama) has let down the Alaskan people,” she wrote.

“Why doesn’t he check out our oil fields? Why doesn’t he open our pipeline so we can supply our own natural gas instead of buying it from our enemies in the Middle East … This is just a joke … The next election can’t come any sooner,” the post continued.

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Republican Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, and it seems as though she has followed in her mother’s footsteps by being politically conscious and aware.

Bristol targeted Obama’s lack of true leadership, saying he “should be worrying about the radical jihadists in ISIS who are gaining land and power everyday as they enslave, rape, and murder their way through the Middle East.”

She also spoke on his inability to put himself on the right side of the Iran conflict in that he should be “worrying about Pastor Saeed and other Americans held hostage in Iran while we send billions of dollars to them in a horrible nuclear deal.”

Palin also confronted the part that the Obama administration had in dive-bombing our economy, “which still hasn’t fully recovered.”

She attacked his inaction on our “broken immigration system,” stating that the president puts such effort into things that do not truly matter but ignores the issues that do.

Palin is not the only one upset with the mountain’s name change. Several Republicans are upset because the mountain was named in honor of Republican President William McKinley who was assassinated while in office.

Really, aren’t there more important things for Obama to care about than renaming a mountain? I mean, seriously, the economy is crumbling, illegal immigration is a mess, but hell, lets go rename a mountain and let’s throw in a few more rounds of golf this week while we’re at it.

What a disgrace.

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