Never Again?: Just a couple

Never Again?: Just a couple of relevant quotes about Israel and Jews across the world…

“That today a Europe which sixty years ago refused to lift a finger to save millions of Jews has turned its collective back on the Jewish State is downright shameful. But my friends, I must admit. I expected no better from them.” – Benjamin Netanyahu

“There won’t be a Second Holocaust in Europe, if only because they did such a thorough job last time round. France’s excitable Arab youth are perforce engaged in no more than a belated mopping up operation” – Mark Steyn

Consider those quotes in the context of possible European sanctions on Israel, Europe’s near universal condemnation of Israel, the talk of yanking Barak’s nobel prize, and the burning synagogues and the attacks on Jews across Europe. For all of Europe’s tiresome moralizing and claims of moral superiority, have no doubt that if the Arab states nuked Israel or wiped the Jews out to the last man, in Europe there would be little more than a bit of finger wagging and relief over the destruction of that “sh*tty little country.”

They may try to put a good face on it but Europe obviously hasn’t changed much since their WW2 days when they shipped the Jews off to die in Nazi concentration camps.

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