World Court Now A Reality:

World Court Now A Reality: Without being ratified by the United States an “International Criminal Court” has been formed. The court was supposedly created for purpose of setting up a”a permanent tribunal to prosecute “crimes against humanity.”” But in reality, it’s designed as much as anything to be a check on America.

The World Court is a direct challenge to the sovereignty of the United States and it’s only a matter of time until American officials and service men are charged with “war crimes”. Imagine American citizens being brought in front of a group of hostile European bureaucrats because despots like Saddam Hussein, Mullah Omar, and Yasser Arafat claim that America has committed “atrocities” against their countries. GWB needs to take STRONG steps to insure that this never happens. We need to make it crystal clear that under no circumstances will we EVER allow our people to be tried by a world court. We should make it known that we will take diplomatic, economic, and even military action to make sure that the constitution of the United States will never be trampled on by the UN or other foreign powers. The sooner the rest of the world understands that, the better.

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