New Candidate Says He’ll Get in Race… This Could Change Everything

New Candidate Says He’ll Get in Race… This Could Change Everything

Guess who just said…if Bernie Sanders loses the democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, HE’LL being joining the race… You will never guess…none other than Jesse Ventura. Yea, I know.

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“They’re setting the groundwork for me,” the former Minnesota governor told The Daily Beast. “Because if Bernie loses, by the time we get to June, how sick are the people going to be of all these people?”

Ventura was elected as an Independent back in 1998, and he maintains that he “despises the two parties.”

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“I love what Trump’s doing to the Republicans. He’s got them in complete disarray,” the one-time professional wrestler added. “In fact, it looks like the WWE when you watch their debates.”

Despite publicly praising Trump in the past, Ventura stated that the three issues “where [he stands] with Bernie more so than Trump” are campaign finance reform, foreign policy and ending the war on drugs.
Ventura also criticized the media for blowing the Trump-David Duke story out of proportion.

“Anyone can endorse you. Why is it up to the candidate to denounce any endorsement?” he asked. “In our country you are free to vote for whoever you want to vote for. If David Duke wants to vote for Donald Trump, he’s welcome to do that. I think the media is out of line to think a candidate immediately has to denounce somebody.”

Would you consider voting for Jesse Ventura?

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