New from the Detroit Free Press: The $15 minimum wage is racist [VIDEO]

New from the Detroit Free Press: The $15 minimum wage is racist [VIDEO]

Where to start with the Fight for 15? It is riddled with more problems than the movement lets on and that is just on the economics scale. But here’s one you may not have picked up – Fight for 15 is racist. Yup, no joke there. How do we know this? Well we know it from one unlikely source called the editorial board at the Detroit News. The media is not friendly to, well…telling the truth and speaking the facts. But they did a number on this one.


They started by agreeing with the plump governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie and his recent move to veto a $15/hour minimum wage hike in his state. They go on and claim that the movement has lost it’s battle in New Jersey, but its forces are gathering in Detroit, focusing principally on fast food chains. What the editorial board found was that the majority of the protesters in the movement are young. We are talking between 16 and 24…and they reveal something quite telling.

Forced wage hikes always make it more expensive to hire young, inexperienced workers. Raising the cost of an employee further than what his labor is truly worth will do that.

Most businesses are not in it to be selfless. A company’s owner isn’t out there to run a charity, he’s out there to provide a service and positions to do so. They run the business and therefore are the only ones that are capable of knowing what is needed for their company.

Minimum wage laws are put in by government to make it mandatory that employers pay their employees more than they are “worth” in the marketplace. In the old days, if the job didn’t pay enough, you negotiated with your feet and found another job. Not anymore. If the cost of hiring employees keeps going up, business owners will be motivated to hire only employees that have a record of employment and come with more certifications, discouraging employers from hiring any newcomers to the workforce…like teenagers and young adults fresh out of college.


By using economics and running studies, almost three out of every 10 African-American teens will be left jobless. White teens are unemployed only at about half those numbers. When you price new upcoming workers out of a job, it will have a drastic effect on society.

Raising the minimum wage is short-sighted and selfish, if it’s the whole population that government wants to help.

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