New Polls Spell BAD News for Hillary… She Doesn’t Have This in the Bag

New Polls Spell BAD News for Hillary… She Doesn’t Have This in the Bag


The polls are showing that Hillary Clinton is just a short hop and skip away from Donald Trump in North Carolina and Nevada. Good news is, she is continuing to trail behind the Republican nominee, Donald Trump in one of the largest electoral vote prizes on the map… Ohio.

This information was recorded on October 10-15 just as accusations of sexual assault against Trump started coming out of the woodworks and the release of his video started to go viral.

You know the video I’m referring to I assume? The nasty one…

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Of these polls taken, all three find that most voters had already heard a great deal about the video itself and figured that was his general idea of women. However, in both Ohio and North Carolina, and conducting a comparison to polls from September and late-August, results respectively suggested the same allegations are in fact NOT hurting Donald Trump in the least bit for both those states.

Now, in Nevada results reflect that 46% of “likely” voters are stating that they continue to back Clinton, where 44% throw their votes in for Trump, leaving 7% for Libertarian, Gary Johnson.

North Carolina, you will find is almost evenly split between Hillary and Donald, with Clinton holding her voters in at 48% leaving Trump at 47%.

Now for Ohio…

Trump has 48% of the voters supporting him in Ohio. Leaving Clinton to share the rest with Johnson. 44% Clinton, 4% Johnson.

Most voters in all three states say Clinton has the better temperament for serving effectively as president, and in the wake of the video, she is more often seen as the candidate who shares voters’ values, but sizable minorities in all three states say neither candidate shares their values. And honesty continues to be a challenge for Clinton, she lags behind Trump when voters are asked who is more honest and trustworthy in all three states, though here too, sizable minorities see neither presidential candidate as honest.

Voters in all 3 states say the candidates’ positions on the important issues is going to be what take the cake for them. More so than the candidates’ personality and qualities. With this judgement being stated, it appears that things could very likely fall in Trump’s favor. He has topped Hillary on numerous levels including being better able to handle the economy in all three states due to the advantage he has with experience, as stated in the survey.

November is fast approaching…

Every second counts now.

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