Nicolas Cage Helped A Man Find His Daughter — And Her Fate Was Terrifying

Nicolas Cage Helped A Man Find His Daughter — And Her Fate Was Terrifying

A devastated father teamed up with famous actor Nicolas Cage in an effort to find the man’s missing daughter. What they found was absolutely heartbreaking.


From BuzzPo:

A father from Ohio was so desperate to find his missing stepdaughter he was able to enlist the help of actor Nicolas Cage almost two weeks ago. The teen had taken the family dog for a walk and hadn’t been seen or heard of since.

The 15-year-old had girl had been missing for almost a month when she was found over 500 miles away in Marthasville, Missouri, where was being held against her will.

The girl allegedly met her captor, 41-year-old Christopher David Schroeder, through an online messaging app called Kik. She told him her age and how unhappy he was via their conversations on the app, which led to Schroeder taking the 9 hour drive to come pick her up.

Once she was in his vehicle, he took her SIM card from her phone. Things for the young girl only got worse from there, according to KSDK:

“Schroeder told the girl that she was to have sex with him and clean the house. He also told her not to use the phone or internet unless she asked him first, and he smashed her cell phone and threw it into the river. He told her to change her appearance by dying or cutting her hair and by losing weight.”

If that isn’t horrific enough, Schroeder had more instructions for her. He told her not to reveal her identity to anyone. The girl was saved by an undercover detective who discussed the dangers of social media in this and other situations with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“The past couple years were rough on her. He was telling her what she wanted to hear. The kids get on these apps and they think it’s all glory on the other side, and they end up with a monster.”

Schroeder now faces both federal charges for the transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in sexual activity and the production of child pornography. He is also facing state charges of second-degree statutory rape.

Parents, stop letting your children use these apps if they’re not smart enough to recognize the dangers. There are so many ways for young kids to get in trouble in this technological age, so don’t let YOUR child fall victim to a creep.

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