Nightclub Boss Could Be Prosecuted for Banning Violent Muslim ‘Refugees’ – But He’s Not Backing Down

Nightclub Boss Could Be Prosecuted for Banning Violent Muslim ‘Refugees’ – But He’s Not Backing Down

This nightclub boss is sick of refugees being allowed to act like animals, while everyone else is just a by-stander, or worse, a victim. So he’s doing something about it…and now authorities are getting on him for wanting to protect what is his!

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A Danish nightclub boss facing prosecution for banning all migrants who don’t speak his language says he would rather go to jail than back down – because they ‘need to learn a smile isn’t an invitation for sex’.

Tom Holden Jensen has excluded all men from Syria and Afghanistan who cannot speak Danish, English or German from his Buddy Holly club in Søenderborg after a number of women said they felt threatened and
intimidated by sexually aggressive men who groped and ‘raped them with hands’ on the dance floor.

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The problem was compounded by no one being able to explain to the men that what they were doing was wrong – which led Mr Jensen to ban the men, for the good of his female customers.

But the decision means he could face as long as six months behind bars for breaching Denmark’s racial discrimination laws, yet he has vowed to uphold the controversial policy.

‘The challenge we face is that we can’t communicate with refugees, they don’t understand what I am saying at all.” said Mr Jensen.

‘We reserve the right to operate our business as we have done all the years, also before there was a war in Syria, and we intend to continue that also after the war ends. And if someone thinks differently they are welcome to try it in court.’

Security staff complained to Mr Jensen that migrant men don’t understand Denmark’s sexual etiquette and need to learn that a woman smiling isn’t an invitation for sex.

Mr Jensen, a councillor for the right-wing Venstre party, Denmark’s third largest political group, said bouncers who tried to intervene as women were sexually assaulted on the dance floor claimed the men don’t understand when they are told it is wrong.

‘We have experienced episodes where Syrians have danced too close to women occasions when they have put their hands on their bottoms,’ Mr Jensen told MailOnline.

‘They continued to do so even though the women told them to stop and leave them.

‘But it’s too much of a challenge when they don’t speak a language we understand so we and the women cannot communicate with them.’

He added: ‘We have these challenges with all men, whatever their nationality, not only the Syrian refugees, and we have always had those challenges.

‘But it makes it a the challenge and more difficult to solve the situations with men in larger groups who act inappropriately towards women when they don’t speak a language we understand.

‘In those situations we will have to be physical rather than verbal to them, and we have no desire to be. And we have actually had this language rule since 1997.’

Buddy Holly is not alone in banning migrants in Søenderborg as Den Flyvende Hollender (‘The Flying Dutchman’) has done the same.

And Den Flyvende owner Glenn Hollender is just as convinced he has made the right decision.

‘A large number of men who come from the asylum centre have a very hard time respecting the opposite sex,’ he said.

‘In my eyes, it is harassment when one or more men continue to touch a young woman after she has said ‘stop’.

‘It Is clear that if we ask one of our male guests to stop pulling on a girl, so they must be able to understand what we mean.

‘There were simply too many examples of how they ignored the recommendations that we came by to let the female guests in peace.’


A police spokesman said: ‘I am not be able to tell if the language part in the law refers to the nationality part in the racism law at present.

‘It is up to legal experts to assess if it illegal to reject refugees because they don’t speak Danish, English or German, .’

However, Mr Jensen says it is nothing to do with race, but simply a decision to ensure the club can continue to make money while not spending large amounts of time dealing with problems on the dance floor.

‘There have been no charges filed against me at all and when a lawyer says they think it might be illegal it says to me that he is also not on safe ground in his judgements,’ he said.

‘There is nothing racist about it.’.

Landlords right to bar entry to anyone they want. Period. No need to add in all the racism crap…

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