NIGHTMARE! Officers FLEE As Millions of BEES Swarm An Oklahoma Highway

NIGHTMARE! Officers FLEE As Millions of BEES Swarm An Oklahoma Highway


Like something out of a nightmare, police in Oklahoma had to deal with an overturned semi that was carrying honeybees and the bees were absolutely everywhere! Check it out:


A truck hauling honeybees overturned on an Oklahoma roadway, setting swarms of the insects loose along an Oklahoma highway.

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the rollover on Interstate 35 near Pauls Valley happened Tuesday afternoon while the semi was negotiating an on-ramp.

The patrol says there was an injury, but no other information was immediately available on what caused the accident.

Images from television showed a swarm of bees covering part of a highway patrol cruiser.

The patrol says the road is clear, and authorities cautioned drivers to be aware of the bees.

While it was unclear exactly how many bees were loosed in the crash, estimate put the total number of insects in the millions.

Beekeepers were called in to gather as many bees as possible, but the rest were set to be destroyed.

According to, the remaining bees would be eliminated with a controlled burn.

I’m not sure that police officers get paid enough to deal with this kind of nonsense. Tackle a methhead? Sure. But thousands and thousands of bees? Maybe not so much…


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