I Had No Clue You Could Do THIS With WD-40

I Had No Clue You Could Do THIS With WD-40

Every now and again, you hear about certain everyday items that have TONS of other uses, besides the one you typically would purchase them for. Well…add WD-40 to that list! Right wingers tend to be prepared for all sorts of different situations that can arise, and adding this knowledge to your memory bank of preparedness, will make your “MACGEYVER” skill set even MORE valuable!

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Pretty much everyone knows how great WD-40 is for sticky locks, bike chains, really anything that needs a water-resistant lubricant. But nobody is really aware that WD-40 is a fantastic cleaning solution as well!

These 4 different uses for WD-40 will solve some of your most basic household problems, like fingerprints on stainless steel and those annoying shoe scuff marks.

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Thanks to Porch on Youtube for all these awesome tips! Here are “Four Things You Can Clean With WD-40”

1. Stainless Steel – Stainless steel refrigerators look nice and fancy, at least until they are covered in fingerprints after a day or two. Never worry about it again – simply spray some WD-40 into a cloth and massage it into the metal. This will clean off any existing fingerprints and even help to prevent some new ones too!

2. Stickers – Remove stickers and sticker residue easily with WD-40. Spray it on, allow the solvent to break down the glue and simply wipe it off. The sticker should come away no problem.

3. Scuff marks – Black-soled shoes leave scuff marks all the time – get rid of them with a cloth and some WD-40. Just make sure to wipe it down afterwards or someone will definitely slip.

4. Crayons – Nothing is quite as frustrating as your kid drawing on your nice white walls. Never worry about it again, simply spray on some WD-40 and wipe it down. The crayon will wash away like nothing was ever there.

Yep! This is definitely going to be helpful in my household…because you know- KIDS!

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