North Carolina Bans Cities From Pulling “Transgender” Bathroom Shenanigans

There aren’t any opinion pieces thundering in Outrage from the major national news sources yet, but, it has given the NY Times and others a sad

North Carolina legislators, in a whirlwind special session on Wednesday, passed a wide-ranging bill barring transgender people from bathrooms and locker rooms that do not match the gender on their birth certificates.

Republicans unanimously supported the bill, while in the Senate, Democrats walked out in protest. “This is a direct affront to equality, civil rights and local autonomy,” the Senate Democratic leader, Dan Blue, said in a statement.

North Carolina’s governor, Pat McCrory, a Republican, signed the bill late Wednesday night.

The session, which was abruptly convened by Republican lawmakers on Tuesday, came in response to an antidiscrimination ordinance approved by the state’s largest city, Charlotte, last month. That ordinance provided protections based on sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity, including letting transgender people use the public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, not gender at birth.

Parents all over Charlotte were livid that someone who is of a different biological sex than their child would be able to enter the bathroom with their child. The bill puts an end to this idiocy.

Republicans stressed that the bill was passed not just to protect women and children from unwanted and potentially dangerous intrusions by biological males, but also to clarify legislative authority. On the House floor, Representative Dan Bishop, a Republican who sponsored the bill, described Charlotte’s decision to enact an antidiscrimination measure as an “egregious overreach.” With the state bill, he said, “What we are doing is preserving a sense of privacy people have long expected.”

The state does have primacy of law. For instance, I remember back to my college days in Greenville, NC, where the city stated there couldn’t be more than 3 unrelated people living in a domicile. State law said 5. This rarely came up, because it was mostly ignored, as many rented homes and apartments would have 4 people, but, some people we sorta knew from having good parties got busted, and the city was telling them “no more than 3.” State law takes precedence. Isn’t this similar to what liberals were saying in regards to Arizona’s illegal immigrants law, as well with a few other states? Yes, yes it is.

Some large firms in the state, many having policies that allow transgender access to bathrooms by identity, opposed the new bill. Dow Chemical, a major employer in the state, called the bill an “attempt to undermine equality.”

Those companies are welcome to have their own policies which they can force on their employees who can get a different job. This law says that it cannot be forced on citizens by Government.

Let’s switch to WRAL, a major Raleigh news organization

A proposal that codifies a statewide nondiscrimination policy in employment and public accommodations and prohibits North Carolina cities or towns from enacting stricter guidelines was signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory late Wednesday after clearing the General Assembly in less than nine hours.

“I have signed legislation passed by a bipartisan majority to stop this breach of basic privacy and etiquette which was to go into effect April 1,” McCrory said in a statement. “Although other items included in this bill should have waited until regular session, this bill does not change existing rights under state or federal law.

“It is now time for the city of Charlotte elected officials and state elected officials to get back to working on the issues most important to our citizens.”

I like how McCrory pulled out the “do some real work” card.

The bill excludes gays and lesbians from discrimination protections, however, prompting an outcry from LGBT advocates, some corporations and Attorney General Roy Cooper, the Democratic candidate for governor.

No, it doesn’t, it provides for protections for all citizens, regardless of sex, make believe sex, religion, creed, or color. It treats all the same, as the law should. No one should be placed on a higher pedestal than another citizen.

The biggest part of the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act is about making sure that local governments, agencies, and school boards do not allow people of a different biological sex to use a bathroom and/or changing facility that is not of their biological sex. They can make a single person bathroom/changing room as multi-sex to accommodate. If liberals want to pull these types of shenanigans, perhaps they should go back to their northern towns and states which they’ve ruined with their leftist policies, and stop bringing their insanity down here.

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