WHAT! NY Medicaid To Cover Transgender Surgery For KIDS!

WHAT! NY Medicaid To Cover Transgender Surgery For KIDS!

Why is it that the left has not only claimed science for their own purposes, but has even shaped sound reason to sound insane? When it comes to advancing their narrative, science and all it’s provable facts tends to get eliminated along with the unwanted babies…too much? Then blame the left, because that’s what they do.


One can’t help but notice that their ideology circumvents things like facts and reality on a regular basis. It’s like they can take a well known and proven fact such as gender, scramble the bits and call it the opposite sex!…Which brings us to this next mental wreck just waiting to happen.

Liberal New York is on the path to help transgender KIDS…By offering health coverage for ‘necessities’ such as, well I don’t know…boob jobs. Yes. Apparently changing the natural identity of a child is a healthy choice now, because no ethical surgeon that would perform an operation like this one just because a patient wanted it ever did.


But there’s more…get ready for New York to also introduce “vital care” for tiny trans tots…

Twelve states and Washington, D.C., cover transition-related health care under Medicaid for transgender people. In 2014, Oregon became the first state to cover puberty blockers for youths under Medicaid, and California’s also ordered to cover care related to gender transition.


New York is the latest to grapple with the issue… Judge Jed Rakoff ruled that Medicaid must cover procedures the state previously called “cosmetic,” including breast augmentation and tracheal shaving.

The New York State Department of Health filed a proposed rule that extend[s] its Medicaid coverage to treating individuals under 18. The department intends to move forward Dec. 5.

The recent change in New York “is a great thing for transgender young people,” Kim Forte of Legal Aid Society Said.

I don’t even recognize my world anymore. Everything is completely upside down…

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