NY State Police Order Gun Shop To Turn Over Customer Info Or Face SWAT Team

NY State Police Order Gun Shop To Turn Over Customer Info Or Face SWAT Team

Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Reporter

A AR-15 with Bullet Button modification. (photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Reporter)

Gun laws are so murky nowadays, and frequently subject to constitutional challenges, that it is a dangerous overreach by the New York Police Department to demand confidential customer records from a gun shop. The Albion Gun Shop in Albion, NY, was forced to turn over 165 customer records to the police to avoid being rushed by a SWAT Team. Allegedly, the shop was selling “bullet button” AR-15s, which the police believe violate the recently passed SAFE Act. 

albngnshpAccording to The Blaze,

An AR-15 with a “bullet button” modification makes it so the rifle’s magazine is not detachable without a special tool. Though the legality of bullet button semi-automatic rifles appears to murky under the SAFE Act’s unclear definition of a “detachable” magazine, [gun show owner Joseph] Palumbo said he was only recently informed in “vague” terms that the weapons he sold are not compliant under the law.

It is illegal to purchase or sell semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines in New York following the passage of the SAFE Act. Rifles obtained before the gun control law was passed are required to be registered with the state government. The law also limits all magazine capacity to 10 rounds, regardless of when they were made or purchased.


Joe Palumbo in his shop

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Palumbo, fears he may have been targeted. NYPD has a tip line that offers a $500 reward to anyone who leaves information resulting in an arrest under the gun control law. Palumbo suspects a gun control activist left the anonymous tip.

Palumbo fears this is the beginning of door-to-door confiscation and warrantless searches. Unless the increasingly anti-Second Amendment laws and regulations are stopped, no one in the firearms industry or who owns a gun is safe.


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