NY Times Is Really Enthused To Use Spectrum Auction To Increase Government Broadcasting

NY Times Is Really Enthused To Use Spectrum Auction To Increase Government Broadcasting


Because what we need are more government held indoctrination divisions

(NY Times) With the demand for wireless broadband growing, the Federal Communications Commission is auctioning off a big chunk of the public airwaves. Billions of dollars are likely to change hands, a windfall that could transform local media across the country. (snip)

The proceeds from these sales could produce enormous public benefits if they are used to build a 21st-century infrastructure for public interest media. For states, communities and universities holding licenses in play, the auction presents an important opportunity to invest in new ways to meet the information needs of the public.

A broad and exciting array of public interest initiatives, including digital news sites, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, public data sites, apps and civic engagement, could be built with some of the money generated by the auction.

This moves into a specific discussion of goings on in New Jersey, where writer Christopher J. Daggett resides. He was once a nominal Republican, and has since gone to the dark side as a supposed Independent, one who is vastly left-wing

Even so, New Jersey lawmakers are looking hungrily at the potential bonanza of any sale to plow into the state budget. But these airwaves are the public’s, and their use has always come with public-interest obligations. A significant portion of any proceeds should be deployed strategically to meet the public’s real need for news and for information that helps citizens live their lives.

Among other uses, the New Jersey fund could support civic technology apps to put valuable data about elections, services and government spending into people’s hands; stronger community news coverage and watchdog journalism, particularly in underserved urban areas; more outlets for diverse voices that have traditionally been left out of newsrooms and news coverage; and a statewide civic engagement network to help people identify and explore the issues that matter most to them. Money might also be directed to support education, arts and culture.

In other words, this is about creating a massive Orwellian government news media with tons of taxpayer funded distribution points, which, let’s face it, would push the Government’s point of view.

Now, let me ask, since this is the type of thing that Democrats would certainly support: how would you like this apparatus under the hands of a President Trump?

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