NYC Liberal Dem Melissa Mark-Viverito wants to top Stephanie Rawlings-Dinkins as worst city official by decriminalizing minor offense that threaten to turn New York into Baltimore

We’ve seen how one-party Democrat rule turned a once thriving city of Detroit into a bankrupt Hell Hole.

In the past 24 hours the world has witnessed decades-old Liberal leadership fail the Freddie Gray riotersin Baltimore.

Here in New York, the City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, wants to turn back the clock and take New York backward to the “bad old days”. She wants to decriminalize offense such as public urination, fair beat, drinking alcohol in public and other quality of life crimes.  It’s an all out assault on the “broken windows: style of policing that has helped make New York the safest big city in the world.


It doesn’t make any rational sense other than to buy votes from the minority community. This is how Liberals think. And they’re wrong 100% of the time.


NY Post

Crime will sore to levels not seen since New York’s bad old days if the City Council decriminalizes quality-of-life offenses such as fare-beating, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton warned Monday.

“We are certainly open to additional alternatives to give our officers discretion in lieu of arrest, but if you lose those powers to arrest, that’s where Pandora’s Box is opened and the 1970s, the 1980s have the potential to come roaring back again,” Bratton said.

The city’s top cop also said that “if you remove the ability to have a penalty for [an] offense, then you lose the ability to be in control of the streets.”

Bratton’s dire prediction was his harshest assessment of a plan by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverto to turn a host of anti-social behavior into civil offenses instead of crimes.

“You shouldn’t encourage that kind of behavior, you should do everything to discourage it,” he said.

“Otherwise, the alternative is to have all free subways — or you can take a trip to Utopia.”


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