NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ponders proposal by Liberal Lunatic City Council that allows non-citizens right to vote

There’s Liberals, the kinds of people I may have disagreements with in a friendly way over lunch. Then there are the Lunatic Liberals where it’s impossible to have a conversation with because they are so far out there where the busses don’t run. That’s who controls the NYC City Council, a chock full of nuts crazies that belong in an in same asylum!
Mayor De Blasio Makes Announcement At City HallNY Post reports Mayor de Blasio is about to get another political hot potato tossed his way — courtesy of his lefty pals on the City Council.
Council member Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) is set to introduce legislation as early as January that would allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to vote in local elections.

A prior attempt to pass a similar measure languished for nearly three years in the council before being shelved amid strong opposition from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
De Blasio said Friday he also has reservations — but left the door ajar to a compromise.
“The legislation I’ve seen so far, I think, has a number of challenges and issues that have to be addressed, so I was not comfortable with the version of the legislation that I saw [in 2013],” de Blasio said at a bill-signing ceremony in Queens that pertained to immigrant rights.

“I’m certainly willing to continue the conversation,” he added.

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