Obama Accepts The Slaughter Of Police Officers… [MEME]

Obama Accepts The Slaughter Of Police Officers… [MEME]


Is there anything that Obama hasn’t muddied in America? Somehow criminals have become the victims and our men and women in blue are being accused of being criminals. All this has happened under Obama’s reign.

Now cops are being massacred over a lie and he does nothing?


Via Homeschool Mom:

DeRay McKesson, the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, announced that BLM is initiating a project called the “Police Use Of Force Project” … well, they should have probably thought the idea through a bit more, because they forgot to take into account, that there is no time to pull out a handbook when criminals are trying to, you know …kill you? Silly BlackLivesMatter ….this is real life…and plenty of people reminded them of that via twitter!

Blacklivesmatter leader, DeRay McKesson is claiming that departmental policies enable officers to engage in police violence.

He tweeted:

The graph indicates what type of force is allowed by various police departments in the United States.
Most of the responses McKesson received were in the cheerleading category, but then there were these, many of which pointed out obvious flaws in his reasoning.

@deray Yes, please let’s Monday morning Quarterback every split second decisions officers make, ever. You have no idea what it takes.
— Max (@maxdecoy) January 20, 2016

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