Obama Attacks Trump… Gets a RUDE Wake Up Call!

Obama Attacks Trump… Gets a RUDE Wake Up Call!

When Obama sent his little messenger boy out to stoop even lower than they were before to make fun of Donald Trump, and his, as they put it “fake hair”…they forgot one very important personality trait about Trump…he always accepts life’s lemons…makes his lemonade, then sells the rest back to those who threw them at him in the first place. Just…like…THIS!

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But at one of Trump’s campaign stops, long before the White House had lowered itself (if that’s still possible for this administration) by making these comments, The Donald invited a supporter onstage to bust the myth of his hair’s supposed fake-ness.

Then, on Wednesday in front of a packed house in South Carolina, he expressed his love for aerosol hairspray.

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“I’m in my room, in New York City, and I want to put a little spray … but I hear they don’t want me to use hairspray, they want me to use the pump.”

Why? Because it “affects the ozone.”

“I’m sitting in this concealed apartment, this concealed unit — you know, I really do live in a very nice apartment — but it’s sealed! It’s beautiful! I don’t think anything gets out.” he defended.

Trump also took a couple shots at Obama’s own emissions while he was on stage, stating that the president flies “a very old Air Force One … spewing stuff.”

But the presentation quickly circled back to Trump’s hair, with the candidate taking more of a more pragmatic approach against the gel pump: “[It] comes out in big globs and it’s stuck in your hair and you say, ‘Oh my god, I’ve gotta take a shower again because my hair’s all screwed up.’”

Obviously, Obama needs to step up his game if he wants to even come close to getting one up on Trump. But…it’s probably best if he just sits this one out…like, forever.

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