Obama Bans Bacon From Federal Prisons, His Reason Will Infuriate You

Obama Bans Bacon From Federal Prisons, His Reason Will Infuriate You

Inmates will no longer be served bacon, pork chops, pork links, ham and all other pork products in federal prison.

Why exactly? Well, apparently inmates don’t like bacon. But, it could have something to do with pleasing and “accommodating” Muslims and Muslim activist organizations.


“Why keep pushing food that people don’t want to eat?” prison bureau spokesman Edmond Ross told the Post, presumably with a straight face. “Pork has been the lowest-rated food by inmates for several years.”

Inmates can still obtain packaged pork rinds and precooked bacon at the prison commissary, according to the Post, assuming they have the means to pay for it.

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Naturally, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is thrilled with the decision.

“In general we welcome the change because it’s facilitating the accommodation of Muslim inmates,’ said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. “We hope it’s not an indication of an increasing number of Muslims in the prison system.”

The nation’s pork producers, on the other hand, who first learned of the ban on Monday when contacted by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for comment, are not as pleased.

“I find it hard to believe that a survey would have found a majority of any population saying, ‘No thanks, I don’t want any bacon,’” National Pork Producers Council spokesman Dave Warner told the Post.

Smart man.

“We’re going to find out how this came about and go from there,” Warner added. “We wouldn’t rule out any options to resolve this.”

Are we really supposed to believe this doesn’t have anything to do with appeasing Muslims? Give us a break Obama.

John Binder

John Binder is a news and political blogger for Right Wing News. Additionally, he is a New Orleans political reporter for TheHayride.com and a news blogger for ProgressivesToday.com.

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