Obama Is Livid After Joe Biden Says THIS About Trump

Obama Is Livid After Joe Biden Says THIS About Trump

Looks like Joe Biden has the ability to reason with truth a lot more than President Obama…in a recent interview Biden tells us what he thinks about Trump’s chances on becoming President…


Vice President Joe Biden admits he thinks Donald Trump could win the presidency.

“Yes. I think it’s possible,” Biden said when asked by Today host Savannah Guthrie if he could envision that happening.

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Biden said that if Trump is elected, he hopes that the billionaire would learn more about how America worked and stop being so divisive.

“That’s not healthy … we always do best when we appeal to our better angels and we always do poorly when we appeal to our fears and our differences,” he said.

Obama was much more dismissive of Trump’s chances.

“You know, talk to me if he wins,” he said, when asked about Trump by Matt Lauer.

Obama’s comment…hilariously transparent.

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