Obama Slips…..

Is Barack Obama at the tipping point? Victor Hansen lays out the mystery:

We are living in a surreal age of $2 trillion annual deficits, in which we just casually talk about “more stimulus”, “reforming health care”, “fixing education”, “cap-and-trade”, while fighting two wars abroad — all the while “not raising taxes on 95% of Americans” — all predicated on the idea that “they” will always be willing and able to create new wealth and now hand over two-thirds and more of it to an ever-expanding government.

The only mystery will be how long will the base of Obama’s support stay loyal among high-paid stockbrokers, CEOs, lawyers, financiers, academics, and journalists, who have enough money to get hit hard by new taxes, but not quite enough money not to care.

My position has long been that the press has too much invested in President Obama. Should either side fire first, it’s mutually assured destruction. So, without any press honesty, even still numbers don’t lie.

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And the numbers are bad. Rasmussen has Obama going negative for the first time. Compare those paying attention to Obama verses Michael Jackson and more of the story might be there. But the real numbers are the tax and jobless numbers. Obama’s tax increases would make American wage earners pay more in taxes than their socialist counterparts. From Cato (go look at their chart):

President Obama already plans to increase the top federal rate from 35 percent to 40 percent at the end of 2010. That would push the combined federal-state rate to 47 percent, substantially above the average of other major industrial nations. Imposing a 4-percent surtax on top would push the top rate to 51 percent, which would be higher than many nations that were traditionally more socialist than America, including France (46%), Germany (48%), and Italy (45%).

And then there are the jobless numbers. They’re not getting better. America hits the magic 10% unemployment nationwide and Americans will be disgruntled.

Mostly, the current government policies make no logical sense. Taxing rich people only works so long and then the rich people leave, so the taxes fall on everyone else. More than that, every person who faces tons of debt knows that the solution isn’t spending more money, it’s to save it. Only a stupid, gambler keeps playing when the game is over. The United States government has decided to keep playing and playing. It’s almost like they’re playing with other people’s money.

However, I think Patrick Ruffini might have hit the nail on the head as for the real reason President Obama is slipping:

Are sagging Obama approval numbers due to wall to wall Jacko coverage? Media doesn’t have as much time to fawn over The One.

It could be that simple. And my cynical side says it is. The people who voted for President Obama have a lot invested in him too. It’s not just the press. Like the moderates I talked to on my show last night, Jazz Shaw said, “I knew Obama was friends of Ayers and I didn’t care.” Well, the socialist tendencies are meaning everything for government policy now and people DID know about them before the election and they didn’t care. As long as the average person believes the socialist policy will affect someone else, you know those rich people who make more than me, they won’t care now, either.

So, when the media gets back stateside and so does President Obama, the numbers may well rise. The full court media press will be on again. Barack Obama will browbeat the networks into another free hour, they’ll give it to him and all will be right in the numbers world.

Or maybe President Obama is actually slipping.

P.S. Someone mentioned to me that things will get worse. There’s a reason the Stimulus was structured the way it was. The payments hit just in time for the next election cycle. So, it might be 18 months off and harm Dems going for re-election in Senate and Congressional races, but it will be perfect for Obama. This assumes that inflation isn’t so bad, home values tanked that a person have a job means little because money buys nothing. Time will tell. I know the Obama people are hoping that he’s the new FDR–he gets elected because he cares, not for job performance.

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