Ooops! They’re Doing It Again!: Republican Leadership King Making

In Florida, Marco Rubio fights on–he’s young, he’s conservative, he’s Hispanic, and according to the NRSC, he’s a losing candidate when compared to Charlie Crist, current Governor of Florida. Crist has name recognition, but more than that he has the right friends. The guys in charge, the guys who direct fundraising, the guys who endorse don’t want Rubio, they want Crist. As one Florida Republican told me,”I love Christ! He’s soooo nice! Plus, he’s done his time. Rubio should just go for State Attorney General and then money could be saved for other fights.” See, the leadership have it all figured out years ahead of time.

Can Marco Rubio win? Well, we may never know, because the NRSC never puts their weight behind a fresh, new candidate. They put their weight behind longtime buddies with ties to DC power brokers.

It’s happening again. If you’ve paid attention online you know that Chuck DeVore has been running for Barbara Boxer’s seat in California. What’s happening now? This, from Dan Riehl:

Fiorina is wealthy and something of a Republican establishment heart throb, despite still being treated for a recent bout with breast cancer. What are the odds the NRSC under Cornyn is going to cut and run on the conservative Republican base, again?

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Regardless of one’s personal political choices, it’s impossible to conclude anything other than that the NRSC under Cornyn has already alienated the Republican base by backing certain candidates over the wishes of said base. That would be Christ over Rubio in FL and Ridge over Toomey in PA, which didn’t eventuate and the NRSC may be warming to Toomey.

The objection here, is that, once again, the Republican leadership inserts their noses in state elections, instead of letting the voters decide. More than that, good solid candidates are never given any establishment help and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. After all the losing the Republicans have done, one would think that they’d be open to fresh blood and new ideas. Evidently not.

I think Dan is right: They just don’t care what the base thinks.

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