Democrats Double Down On CIA Lies Position

Let’s see, how does this work?

The question of the C.I.A.’s candor Nancy Pelosi accused the agency of failing to disclose in a 2002 briefing that it had used waterboarding against a terrorism suspect. Ms. Pelosi said the agency routinely misled Congress, though she later said she intended to fault the Bush administration rather than career intelligence officials.

Since then, Republicans have called Ms. Pelosi’s complaint an unwarranted attack on the integrity of counterterrorism officers and have demanded an investigation. Democrats have rebuffed the demand.

So, no investigations into Pelosi’s unwarranted claim. Instead, let’s double down!

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The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, has told the House Intelligence Committee in closed-door testimony that the C.I.A. concealed “significant actions” from Congress from 2001 until late last month, seven Democratic committee members said.

If it was closed door, how does the Times know? And, notice the time period? The CIA could never be liars before Jan 20, 2001, right? Bush’s fault, of course

In a June 26 letter to Mr. Panetta discussing his testimony, Democrats said that the agency had “misled members” of Congress for eight years about the classified matters, which the letter did not disclose. “This is similar to other deceptions of which we are aware from other recent periods,” said the letter, made public late Wednesday by Representative Rush D. Holt, Democrat of New Jersey, one of the signers.

In an interview, Mr. Holt declined to reveal the nature of the C.I.A.’s alleged deceptions,. But he said, “We wouldn’t be doing this over a trivial matter.”

So, they won’t say what exactly the CIA has been lying about, but, they will say “liar liar pants on fire.” Look, I do not want to paint the CIA as perfect little darlings, they certainly aren’t – and let’s not forget that a good chunk of the non-field staff are left leaning – but, if these Democrats want to make an accusation, pony up the evidence. Put up or shut up. They could have avoided this had Nancy said “I misspoke.” But, no, now they want to ratchet up the talking point. That should make CIA employees feel good.

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