Poorer Nations: “About Those Carbon Caps? No!”

As leaders in developed countries push to reduce CO2 output, to go along with the .74F reduction in temperature after the century plus rise of about 1.37F, poor and developing nations have a message for the Climahysterics

The world’s biggest developing nations, led by China and India, refused Wednesday to commit to specific goals for slashing heat-trapping gases by 2050, undercutting the drive to build a global consensus by the end of this year to reverse the threat of climate change.

As President Obama arrived for three days of talks with other leaders of the Group of 8 nations, negotiators for 17 leading polluters abandoned targets in a draft agreement for the meetings here. But negotiators embraced a goal of preventing temperatures from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and developing nations agreed to make “meaningful” if unspecified reductions in emissions.

Their meaningful contributions will probably be to move any improperly located temperature monitors. Perhaps they will help the developed nations do the same? Oh, and CO2 is not a pollutant.

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The mixed results underscored the challenges for Mr. Obama as he tries to use his first summit meeting of the Group of 8 powers to force progress toward a climate treaty. With Europe pressing for more aggressive action and Congress favoring a more restrained approach, Mr. Obama finds himself navigating complicated political currents at home and abroad.

Actually, a good chunk of the nations that signed Kyoto over a decade ago are realizing that it was absurd, is based on faulty information and computer models, and will wreck their economies, and are not moving on.

But the impasse over the 2050 targets demonstrated again the most vexing problem in reaching a consensus on climate change: the longstanding divisions between developed countries like the United States, Europe and Japan on one side, and developing nations like China, India, Brazil and Mexico on the other.

While the richest countries have produced the bulk of the pollution blamed for climate change, developing countries are producing increasing volumes of gases. But developing countries say their climb out of poverty should not be halted to fix damage done by industrial countries.

In other words, developed nations are still telling, or, at least the climahysteric leaders of said countries, poor and developing nations that we gots ours, now you can’t have yours because of some crystal ball gazing. And the poor and developing notions are telling Obama and the other climahysterics to piss off. Good for them.

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