Obama Is SNUBBING Nancy Reagan’s Funeral – Here’s What He’s Doing Instead

Obama Is SNUBBING Nancy Reagan’s Funeral – Here’s What He’s Doing Instead

It’s been just days since America’s Nancy Reagan passed away, and already Obama is making waves. It appears that the President of the United States, will not be attending her funeral. After some searching we found this is why, he won’t be attending…

Former first lady of the United States Nancy Reagan visits the grave site of her husband, former U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on the 10th anniversary of his passing, in Simi Valley

On Sunday, former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away from congestive heart failure.

News of the death of the conservative icon generated condolences from all over. While a lot of significant public figures will be attending her funeral, President Obama will not be.

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The Washington Post reported on where Obama will be instead:

President Obama will be speaking that day at the South by Southwest conference in Austin.
South by Southwest is a film and musical festival in Texas. Obama will be the keynote speaker at the event.

While Obama will not be in attendance, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton will both be at the funeral.

Ok, so he has a valid excuse…sort of. Hillary and Michelle will be attending…makes sense. First ladies should stick together even if one of them is a halfwit and the other a liar.

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