Obama Stops 40 Percent Of The Coal Produced By Banning Mining On Public Land

Obama Stops 40 Percent Of The Coal Produced By Banning Mining On Public Land

Obama truly does have a war on coal, which means he has a war on jobs as well.

Because the environmentalists are insane, Obama is bowing to them on the coal issue, but in the process, he’s costing so many hard-working men and women their jobs.

Obama coal

The Obama administration announced a moratorium on new coal development on public land Friday while it studies the impact of the U.S. leasing program on climate change, prompting fresh criticism that President Obama is ramping up his “war on coal.”

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced the initiative.

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“Given serious concerns raised about the federal coal program, we’re taking the prudent step to hit pause on approving significant new leases,” said Ms. Jewell, who added that existing coal leases would continue to provide for the country’s electricity needs.

“We haven’t undertaken a comprehensive review of the program in more than 30 years,” she said, “and we have an obligation to current and future generations to ensure the federal coal program delivers a fair return to American taxpayers and takes into account its impacts on climate change.”

It’s the latest step by Mr. Obama to combat climate change and follows a pledge he made in Tuesday’s State of the Union address “to change the way we manage our oil and coal resources, so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet.”

If only the White House focused as hard on the Islamic terrorism issue as they do with the Climate Change issue.

Once again, if the media actually did their job and followed the money-trail behind all of this, some green energy liberal is getting rich somewhere.

John Binder

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