Obama’s Newest Ethics Waivers, More Death of Hope-n-Change

Remember the hope-n-change we were gonna get if The One were to take the White House? ‘Member how it was going to be a new era in ethics, and all? Do ya remember all the wonderfulness of no lobbyists and a new day dawning? Are ya feeling a bit let down on the hopie-changie stuff, bunkey?

Well here is another broken promise from the Obammessiah that you can chalk right up there on the score board marking the death of hope-n-change.

Obama’s White House has engaged in some more ethics jujitsu and given ethics waivers to more White House lawyers.

As Josh Gerstein of Politico reports:

The White House has waived its ethics rules to allow two lawyers in the White House Counsel’s Office to continue to work on matters relating to former President George W. Bush.

The waivers were granted Thursday to Chris Weideman and Jonathan Kravis, both of whom formerly worked for Williams & Connolly and both of whom handle matters that involve Bush, White House ethics counsel Norm Eisen said in a statement posted on the White House blog.

Pile this on top of the over a dozen so-called journalists becoming White House flacks, dozens of evil lobbyists joining Obama’s administration, and lawyers out the wazoo that had the happy coincidence of receiving ethics waivers all since The Won came to office.

But, let’s revisit this claim I made above that Obama isn’t changing anything at the White House. He really IS making changes. Why, he’s changing all of Washington to become the land of patronage just like it was before Chester Alan Arthur instituted Civil Service reform.

Obama has brought in “change” alright. He’s changed government back into the patronage army it was in the 1800s!

But… I’m a gussin’ that wasn’t the sort of “change” the hope-n-change crowd wuz lookin’ for!

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