Obama’s War on Watchdogs Escalates

Inspector Generals ought to apply for a slot on the endangered species list. In addition to the illegal firing of Gerald Walpin for looking into the corruption of Obama supporter Kevin Johnson, acting International Trade Commission IG Judith Gwynne is also getting canned, after having presumably incriminating documents taken from her by force. Neil Barofsky may be the next to go:

He was appointed with fanfare as the public watchdog over the government’s multi-billion dollar bailout of the nation’s financial system. But now Neil Barofsky is embroiled in a dispute with the Obama administration that delayed one recent inquiry and sparked questions about his ability to freely investigate.

The disagreement stems from a claim by the Treasury Department that Barofsky is not entirely independent of the agency he is assigned to examine — a claim that has prompted a stern letter from a Republican senator warning that agency officials are encroaching on the integrity of an office created to protect taxpayers.

It’s not helping Barofsky’s job security that he appears to take his watchdog role much more seriously than Comrade Obama’s lackeys in the media do.

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Hot Air comments:

The sudden push to rid the government of independent watchdogs appears to coincide with Barack Obama’s plans to use government spending to get control over more aspects of American life, such as with stimulus spending, the financial sector, and volunteer organizations.

America is getting Change, all right.

If ever an administration needed watchdogs…

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