Rowan Williams’ Fresh Expressions of Moonbattery

Maybe Rowan Williams has finally figured out that pandering to Muslims is not going to reverse the Church of England’s headlong decline. Now he’s pandering to moonbats and teenyboppers:

[I]deas for alternative-style worship are part of an initiative launched by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to appeal to the younger generation.

They are set out in a new book compiled by the Church’s Fresh Expressions programme, which aims to boost church attendance with more relevant and exciting services. …

One Holy Communion service promoted in the book, called Ancient Faith, Future Mission, begins with the congregation being shown a video clip from the YouTube website about a United Nations anti-poverty campaign.

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Worshippers are told that “our planet is messed up” and that “things are not right”.

You can say that again, Swilliams! It gets worse:

They are then asked to approach the altar and rub sea salt on their fingers to represent tears, before walking around and meditating at eight “prayer stations” representing themes such as “gender equality” and “environmental sustainability”.

A psalm is recited in “beat poetry” style to the accompaniment of African Djembe drums, and prayers are said “for the corporate world, for influential CEOs who oversee billion-dollar industries”.

It’s just not a proper church service without a little music from a moonbatty pop band:

Among the alternative services explored in the book … are so-called “U2charists”, services in which the congregation receives communion but sings the songs of the Irish rock band U2 instead of traditional hymns. …

The book also features Transcendence, an event held in York Minister in which traditional Latin chant is set by DJs to hip hop or ambient dance music and video images are projected onto the walls.

Here’s an idea: why doesn’t the church hold rave parties, with ecstasy and grape-flavored vodka for the Eucharist? The priest can strip down to his undies, smear himself with body paint, and crowd surf under pulsating disco lights.

Uh oh, here comes a party pooper. The prebendary at St Paul’s Cathedral Rev. David Houlding laments,

All this is tosh. It’s just a passing fad, irrelevant, shallow and pointless. There’s no depth to it and it’s embarrassing because it’ll make people think that we’re eccentric and silly.

As a result of Fresh Expressions, there are now churches for surfers, and priests have been commissioned to work in night clubs and skateboard parks. Maybe the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they proscribed an official state church.

Swilliams: Eccentric? Silly? Who would think that?

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