Office worker asks if she should ‘blow the lid’ on her boss’s infidelity, but opinions split

Office worker asks if she should ‘blow the lid’ on her boss’s infidelity, but opinions split

Usually we are pretty reserved when it comes to spilling our dirty laundry to our coworkers. That being said, humans are gossiping creatures and sometimes we’re not that respectful of our coworkers’ privacy. This was the case after one office worker sparked a heated debate about whether to “blow the lid” on her boss’s extramarital affairs.

Posting on Mumsnet, the office worker in question explained how the managing director at her company had begun an affair with a recently married coworker. The debate heated up after that as to whether she should spill the beans.

Some said she should say nothing, that it was none of her worry to say anything and that she should “mind her own business.” Others, however, suggested she tell the offending party’s spouses.

Posting under the username Darnda, the original poster said, “I work in an office where the MD has had affairs with several staff and other women in our industry. He is married with children and most people are pretty disgusted with him but obviously no one says anything to him… A member of staff got married last year, her husband seems like a nice guy, very sweet… She’s now having an affair with the MD. They’ve been married a matter of months.”

Yikes buddy. There is something seriously wrong with you if you are a serial womanizer preying on new brides.

“I want to tell her husband/his wife anonymously about what’s happening. I know it’s not my business, I 100% understand that but would want someone to tell me rather than people laughing behind my back.”

I can understand her point of view. I would certainly want someone to tell me rather than speaking in hushed whispers behind my back.

Plenty of members of the parenting forum offered up their advice, while others scorned her for being a “busybody.”

One wrote, “I would want to know. I’ve told people they’ve been cheated on and after the initial shock were glad I’d told them.”

One user gave the most prudent advice.

“No. It’s not your place to say anything. Just remain professional. Regardless of how bad it is, it’s a personal matter. You wouldn’t tell the girl’s husband about other personal matters relating to her, so whether or not she’s having [an] affair with MD isn’t your business. I wouldn’t say anything because I wouldn’t want my name to be caught up in the mess that follows.”

What do you think? Is there ever a reason to tell someone something that really isn’t any of your business?

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