Oh SNAP! GQ Just Placed Hillary On Their “LEAST INFLUENTIAL” List

Oh SNAP! GQ Just Placed Hillary On Their “LEAST INFLUENTIAL” List

The utter destruction of Hillary Clinton this last election cycle has officially been made by the lefty magazine GQ.

The popular magazine just put Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, on their list of least influential people. It couldn’t have come at a worse time either because the magazine, TIME, had just chosen their opponent, Donald Trump, as Person of the Year. Geez. For someone who prepared her whole adult life to become the President, I should have some sympathy for Clinton…but then I remember she’s Hillary Clinton. So yeah. Forget it.

Now, it’s true that what TIME and GQ have to say is basically worthless to just about everyone, but man, it feels good to know that the left and its champion team was rejected, not only by the voters, but also by the two lefty leaning magazines.

Just like Twitchy wrote, “It’s not every day your presidential and vice-presidential candidates are called out for being the LEAST INFLUENTIAL people in the country during a big election year. Wowza. They must have REALLY under performed to receive such a low and pathetic ‘accolade.’”


Think about that. They didn’t just lose the election, they lost a whole generation of voters. It can plainly be seen in the liberal outlets that are now calling them out for it.

But let’s take a good look at what Clinton had managed to create here. It took a lot of passing out, corruption, money and generally being a horrible human being to get this kind of recognition.

Clinton’s running mate was listed right along with his number one, which is also something she’s responsible for. She picked a running mate that was believably even worse than she could have hoped for.

Anyway, good job GQ for calling out your own for what they are. Now stop giving Keith Olbermann a pity job and drop him like every other company did. That cardboard background is just…well, it’s sad.

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