Old Man Sells Wood Every Day To Pay Wife’s Medical Bills, Then his Neighbor Learns She Already Died

Old Man Sells Wood Every Day To Pay Wife’s Medical Bills, Then his Neighbor Learns She Already Died


This story is a definite tear jerker. I can not even imagine all that this woman must be feeling. This woman met an elderly man named Kenneth who sold kindling on the side of the road to raise money for his wife’s medical expenses. The next year he was there again selling firewood and kindling. But this time his sweet wife, Helen, was no longer at his side.

But Kenneth was still trying to recover from the crippling emotional and financial burden that came with his wife’s illness. So, he continued to sell the wood and smile and wave at everyone who passed by him on the side of the road. The woman took to social media to try and make a difference. Now there is a GoFundMe account helping this man earn money.

“If y’all need any kindling wood please come buy from this precious 80 year-old elderly man. His name is Kenneth. He parks on the corner of Carl Leggett and west Taylor Rd. In Gulfport Right near Bayou Bluff. He is there every day for hours. Selling for $5 a bag.

Background story: Last year he was there selling as well, but he had his sweet little wife Helen with him. He was selling to help pay for his wife’s doctor visits and bills.

This year he is alone.

He said his wife Helen lost her battle to cancer a few weeks ago and he is still selling to cover pay for her doctor bills.

My heart breaks every time I pass him. He waves at every single car that passes.

Friday I was at the stop sign as a funeral procession was passing by. And he was standing alert with his straw hat over his heart. Precious man. I can’t buy it all!!

Anyway… We can all spare $5 to help this sweet man.”

If you can’t make it out to buy some firewood, you can donate here.


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