Woman Films Herself Screaming At McDonald’s After She’s Told She’ll Have To Wait 2 Min. For Cookies

Woman Films Herself Screaming At McDonald’s After She’s Told She’ll Have To Wait 2 Min. For Cookies

Cookies are delicious, but they’re nothing to go absolutely crazy over. This woman, however, has a totally different opinion.


From The Daily Mail:

A blogger posted footage of herself having a tantrum outside McDonald’s after being told she would have to wait a little longer for some fresh cookies.

Brandy Wooten, who lives in California, filmed herself at a drive-thru complaining to the manager of the fast food restaurant because her cookies were not ready.

The blogger, who has around 40,000 followers on Facebook, claimed that she called in advance to ensure the food would be prepared for her when she arrived.

But after being told by the manager she would have to wait an extra two minutes, lost her temper and unleashed an unbelievable tirade of abuse.

Throughout the video Brandy talks to the manager via the camera on her phone and is asked to pull over and wait for her food.

The manager says: ‘It doesn’t matter if you record, I am being nice to you,’ before asking once again for the blogger to pull over.

After she fails to move her car, the manager, who can be seen attempting to defuse the situation, asks a member of staff to give the customer her money back.

She then asks the woman to leave, who responds by putting her hand out the window and demanding her money back.

The blogger says: ‘Give me my damn money for sure, you got some raggedy ass employees anyway. I don’t want your motherf****** cookies anyway.’

She adds: ‘Give me my money back, give me my motherf****** money back. I’m going to tag your ass too, I’m going to tag your ass on Facebook.’

The manager then turns the tables by filming the blogger on her phone, and she responds by saying: ‘My name is Brandy Wooten, follow me on Facebook. The Brandy hive going up.

‘I really do this, I’m a real blogger though honey. Where’s my money, can I have my money?’

The video concludes with the manager giving the customer her money back as she insults her one last time and vows never to return.

The video first appeared on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. The original clip was then deleted and re-uploaded on the blogger’s YouTube channel.

Writing alongside the clip, Brandy said: ‘This video was deleted off Facebook after going viral… I didn’t hurt no one, I didn’t do nothing wrong… #CookiEMonster I just cussed they ass out (sic).

‘Sorry not sorry if I wanted to bake my own I would have but I love McDonald’s cookies I just hate they store can never have s*** together for the sake of the cookie lovers.’

Brandy has been posting videos to her Facebook page since 2013 and touches on topics including relationships and social issues.

Absolutely deplorable behavior by someone who is certainly old enough to know better.

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