On First in-person meeting, Woman Surprise Attacks Online Boyfriend

On First in-person meeting, Woman Surprise Attacks Online Boyfriend

After a two year online relationship, a young couple met for the first time in April, at the girlfriend’s apartment in Oregon. After glass of wine, the woman suggested that her boyfriend ‘close his eyes’ so she could deliver him a surprise.  Boy, did she!

Haley FoxHaley Fox Victim

“A woman allegedly beat her boyfriend with a bat at their first face-to-face meeting following two years of online dating. 

Haley Fox, 24, of Turner, Oregon, fractured 26-year-old Samuel Campbell’s skull with a baseball bat at her home last Wednesday.

She has been charged with first-degree assault.

Fox and Campbell, of Adger, Alabama, had been in a relationship for around two years after meeting online.

Earlier this month, he moved to Oregon to live with Ms Fox, according to a report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. 

Campbell went to his girlfriend’s home on April 8, to meet in person for the first time. 

According to the police report, Ms Fox led him to a table outside of the residence where he sat down to drink wine. 

She then asked him to close his eyes and struck him three times from behind on the head with a metal baseball bat.

The 26-year-old victim suffered cuts to the head that required staples and a fractured skull. 

Fox told investigators that she decided to hurt Campbell because she did not want to be his girlfriend.

Apparently this girl doesn’t understand how to break up with guys.  To “break up” does not mean break his skull.  Next time, just swipe left.

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