One Whopper Of A Fish Story: Fishermen Snag Mega-Rare ‘Megamouth’ Shark [VIDEO]

One Whopper Of A Fish Story: Fishermen Snag Mega-Rare ‘Megamouth’ Shark [VIDEO]

Some fishermen in Japan hit the shark lottery when they hauled in a rare Megamouth on Friday. The sheer size of this creature would be enough to give anyone the creeps, but unlike some of its cousins, this bigmouth giant eats plankton, not humans.

From the Daily Mail:

An extremely rare deepwater shark has been caught by fishermen in a Japanese village.

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The five-metre megamouth shark was snared on Friday in fishing nets five kilometres from the Owase Port in Mie Prefecture, Central Japan, reports Yahoo.

Images show the fishermen holding open the enormous jaws of the deep sea dweller, which weighed a ton.

The elusive shark was bought by a local fish monger and shipped outside the prefecture.

Megamouth sharks have only been spotted 60 times since they were discovered in 1976.

Most have been found in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan, but the first confirmed sighting came in 1976, when a deep-sea anchor accidentally caught one off the coast of Hawaii.

Megamouth sharks can reach to a maximum length of five metres and have a life span of up to 100 years.

They swim with their huge mouths open to feed on plankton and other food.

This shark will yield one heck of a lot of dinners. And the fishermen have the story of a lifetime. Would you like to have been the one catching it?

See video below:

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