Only Muslims Can Call AG Lynch If Their Children Are ‘Bullied’ in School

Only Muslims Can Call AG Lynch If Their Children Are ‘Bullied’ in School

Until AG Lynch and this administration start behaving as if all kids matter, not just Muslim ones, this nation will continue to be divided. Furthermore, is bullying really a Federal matter? Or should it be left in the hands of the local district? What do you think of AG Lynch’s new exclusionary program intended only for the children of Muslims? And what do you think of Federal meddling in what should be a school matter?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged Muslim parents to contact both the justice department and the education department if they think their children are being “bullied” in school.

“We’ve seen this for a number of years, we saw it a lot in the New York area [after 9/11], unfortunately, where there would be a backlash against the Muslim community in general,” she claimed at a Thursday fundraiser dinner for an Islamic advocacy group, Muslim Advocates.

In response to Lynch’s address, conservative host Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Friday:

Don’t bother with the principal! You know, education’s a local thing. But now all of a sudden, if your child is bullied and you are a Muslim, you are to call the Department of Justice in Washington and ask for the attorney general…

Now, if you happen to be Jewish and your kids are bullied, don’t bother calling. If you happen to be Christian, if you happen to be Hindu, if you happen to be Tutsi or Hutu or whatever, don’t bother calling. If your kids are bullied, that doesn’t matter. Only Muslims are permitted to call…

“Here is the attorney general claiming, promising to prosecute anybody who engages in anti-Muslim speech,” Limbaugh said.

Lynch said both the federal agencies “provide guidance to schools on how to handle situations where students come to them and they feel bullied.”

The attorney general added that their children may not have the “tools” to argue back or talk back when challenged, presumably by American kids.

“So we are very, very active in that front as well,” Lynch said. “And so what I would urge people to do if you are aware of situations where children are involved, please contact the Department of Justice and the Department of Education.”

The education department defines “bullying” very broadly, justifying federal intervention in many schoolyard disputes or political arguments among teenagers.

“We can provide guidance, we can have conversations,” Lynch continued at the fundraiser. “Everything need not result in a lawsuit, but some things do have to go to that…area…we have an important, important role to play. So, please, please, think of us there.”

If you are not Muslim, your children don’t matter to AG Lynch when it comes to bullying. This is a move that can and will only divide this nation even more. The Feds have no legal right to inject themselves into local school disciplinary matters. But that’s never stopped them before. We need local districts to stand up and say no, you stay in Washington and we will handle our own students. But most won’t. And that is because public education is in the bag for this Liberal administration and far too fearful to ever do such a thing. The Left pretends to be about equal treatment for all. But they are not, they are for special treatment for some select few.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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