Open-Minded Hollywood Liberal T.J. Miller Beats Up Cabby Over Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Open-Minded Hollywood Liberal T.J. Miller Beats Up Cabby Over Donald Trump [VIDEO]

You know that actor, T.J. Miller? Of course you do! He’s that guy you always recognize in those comedic roles, usually playing the jackass friend or something along that line. He’s actually really funny, if you’re a fan of crude humor. That’s why it pains me to announce that he was recently arrested for not being able to keep his hands to himself when it came to debating politics… Basically, he slapped his Uber driver.


Mind you, he was drunk. But drunk or not, if you can’t have a grown up conversation without hitting… You’re pathetic.

Silicon Valley and Office Christmas Party star T.J. Miller was arrested early Friday morning in Los Angeles for battery on a cab driver, police said.

The arrest took place at 1 a.m. Friday morning after an altercation with a cab service driver, resulted in Miller allegedly assaulting the employee over a political argument involving Donald Trump, LAPD officer Jenny Houser told The Hollywood Reporter.

And here’s a bit more to file away, just for a bit of perspective on the players of this incident…

Miller’s net worth is believed to be around $4 million. The median salary for taxi cab drivers in 2014 was $23,210, according to U.S. News & World Report.


Now this was an honest look at what leftist, elitist celebrities really would like to do to Trump supporters… Not all leftists, but the childish kind, sure. Just stick a little alcohol in them and they’ll be ready to slap around an Uber driver who supports someone of something that they don’t agree with. It’s that simple.

Miller got off the hook easy, but how many stories of outright assaults do Trump supporters have to take before the media stars taking them into account? Trump’s San Jose rally during the election saw mobs of leftists come out and assault folks who were there to attend in peace. Sacramento saw the anarchists come out of the woodwork, and cause mayhem. Those are YOUR people, media!

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