Orange County College Student Threatened with EXPULSION For Revealing Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant [VIDEO]

Orange County College Student Threatened with EXPULSION For Revealing Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant [VIDEO]


A Republican student who attends Orange County College recently managed to get himself in some major trouble for recording a teacher ranting about the election of Donald Trump. He felt like he was being attacked and targeted as a Republican and decided to simply record what his professor was saying during a lecture.

That rant included a handful of gems that includes, but is not limited to these below…

“Our nation is divided. We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism,” she told the students.

She added, and this one is probably most infuriating to me, “One of the most frightening things for me, and most people in my life, is that the people who are committing the assault are among us.”

“A white supremacist and a vice president that is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country,” she said.

“We are way beyond Republicans and Democrats, and we’re really back to being in a civil war,” she said, “and I don’t mean it in a fighting way, but our nation is divided as clearly as it was in civil war times.”

Is this really worse than the election of 1860 where half of the nation actually seceded over the election results??? Come on…..

When the student posted the video on social media, the teacher decided to fight back. The union the professor is part of came out with this statement:

“This is an illegal recording without the permission of the instructor. The student will be identified and may be facing legal action.”

But this student is not willing to be pushed around and bullied by the union and his professor. He is not letting them dictate his actions. “They wanted it to be known so that maybe we would get scared and take down the video. But to the union I want to say we are not gonna be doing that,” said Recalde-Martinez.

“The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves,” said attorney Shawn Steel.

What do you think? Was this teacher out of line?

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