Oregon Becomes the First State to Impose a Per-Mile Road Tax

Oregon Becomes the First State to Impose a Per-Mile Road Tax

The camel’s nose is under the tent in the Beaver State as the Gateway Pundit reports that Oregon has become the first state in the country to allow for a tax-per-mile tax structure for autos.


Oregon will be the first state to impose a per-mile road tax. Drivers will pay a 1.5 cent tax on miles traversed through a device that plugs into your vehicle.
Truth About Cars reported:

Oregon will be the first to issue a per-mile road tax to refill its coffers.

Automotive News reports the state will offer two options to its motorists: pay at the pump, or pay a 1.5-cent rate per mile traversed. The latter will be conducted through a device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD port, then gathers mileage data to determine how much the motorist will pay in tax.

Right now, the program — set to begin July 1 — will be implemented by the Oregon DOT in partnership with Sanef ITS Technologies America and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, the latter supplying the aforementioned OBD mileage reader.

Up to 5,000 volunteers will participate in the initial program, which will compare the tax paid at the pump to the miles driven. The results will be turned over to ODOT, which will then determine if a motorist is given a refund or an invoice based on said findings.

This will likely be a big hit with Oregon’s hippies, but the truth is that putting government in a position to monitor the driving habits of citizens is only going to open a slew of problems concerning not only tax revenue, but privacy  issues as well.

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