Oregon County Votes To Allow Sheriff To Ignore State’s New UNCONSTITUTIONAL Gun Laws

Oregon County Votes To Allow Sheriff To Ignore State’s New UNCONSTITUTIONAL Gun Laws

Unconstitutional laws are not laws. That is the conclusion of Coos County, Oregon, voters who have imbued the local sheriff with the power to nullify unconstitutional laws passed by the Oregon legislature- namely the recent law rushed-through that makes private sales of firearms illegal.


A county in Oregon has voted to allow its sheriff to ignore gun laws he deems ‘unconstitutional’.

The state recently brought in a law meaning all gun transfers, including those between friends, are subject to stringent background checks.

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More than 60 per cent of those who voted in Coos County backed their sheriff to have the right to veto any laws he deems to be in breach of the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Craig Zanni now has the power to decide which state laws on guns will be enforced, although this is likely to be challenged in court, Fox News reported.

The new rule also means that any state official caught attempting to enforce a law which Zanni has deemed unconstitutional could be fined $2,000.

Even the sheriff, who is a strong supporter of gun rights, is unsure about the new legislation and said he was unsure whether he should be responsible for checking how constitutional a law is.

‘I’m not sure the courts would agree with that concept,’ he told the Oregonian before the vote. ‘I would just bet there would be some legal challenges to it.’

He said he would not change the way he goes about his job as he does not actively look for breaches of the new law on background checks.

Zanni told Fox News: ‘This was an initiative put together by citizens of this county to address what they felt is a constant attack on their rights.’

Rob Taylor, a retired optician who sponsored the measure, said people had voted for the change were aware it would quickly be challenged in court.

‘One of the reasons we enacted this measure is that we wanted to challenge background check law through the judicial process,’ he told the Daily Signal.

He added: ‘We are a big gun ownership area. Coos County has the highest percentage of concealed carry licenses in the entire state.

‘They’re tired of having their rights eroded, and not just under the Second Amendment, all of their rights, so they were thrilled that somebody was trying to do something about it.’

This is a terrific affirmation of liberty. Law and order is important, but laws that violate our Constitution are not actually laws, but contradictory rules that are illegitimate and the surest way to ensure liberty is to disregard those laws that violate the Constitution.

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