Former CIA, SEALs & Green Berets are Going After Sex Slavery

Sexual slavery takes the innocence of millions of children, and a group of former Green Berets, CIA and SEALs are taking matters into their own hands.  Our Rescue is a new organization formed to save these children by going undercover as traffickers an capturing everything on tape.  “Matt,” one of the operatives, recently spoke to IJReview


“In Colombia, we were laying the ground work for a rescue operation. With the majority of cases, we meet in public places with armed security close by. However, in this case we had to meet with the trafficker at his house. We had security with us but we were unarmed because we have to act like we are American sex tourists setting up a big party.

We went into the home wearing wires with hidden cameras and mics. That had me the most nervous, I was thinking, will he see my wire through my shirt?

Then, this guy brought out a couple young girls and said they’re virgins. And it turned into a moment where I also had the most resolve as well.

He said I will sell them to you for $1,000.00 a piece.”

You can find out more about the organization at  Watch the trailer below…

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